Small Mouth Bass Fishing

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Bass also opens up at the start of game fish season at the beginning of May. May and June are top months for guys looking to get hog smallies or really bang up the numbers. Fish are shallow and a lot of the deeper clear lakes the fish will be in a cycle of pre-spawn, spawn, or post spawn patterns. This is the best time to come for smallies as a whole. Lots of days are spent chasing trophy class fish. I can also get on some of the most intense bites of the year. After late June many of the deep clear lakes fishing for bass can be had but just have to fish deep…30′ of water or so, that is just why I choose to switch lakes that I can fish for them in good numbers and size a little shallower on different lakes.

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Capt. Matt Raley is a full-time professional hunting a fishing guide. Located in Arbor Vitae Wisconsin.


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