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Musky Fishing in Northern WI

Musky season is from the Saturday during Memorial weekend and I fish muskies till I leave to guide duck hunts during mid-October. Anytime during that stretch that you can make it we can fish for them and I should show you success on the water! I know most all decent sized musky lakes in the area and pick and choose what ones I fish depending on the day and time of year to keep a high success rate. Of course I will fish the water you want to fish if you have a specific body of water in mind you want to target. If you can choose when you can come I recommend during the first week in July through mid-October. There are peaks and valleys in success throughout the season but muskies can be a little slower during the month of June as water warms. If fishing in June I still should be able to put you on fish but colder water means smaller feeding windows. Afternoon feeding windows seem to be best when water is the warmest. Usually starting late June through the first week in July usually offers a full moon and the start of good summer musky patterns developing. This is when success rates are a bit higher along with a better average size. Moon phases matter. This means coming two days ahead or behind a full or new moon. Full moon phases are some of the hottest bites of the year but new moon is not far behind. During these periods average catch rates and average size of fish goes up. Weather trumps moon on a daily event but a good starting point is coming during a good moon phase.

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Capt. Matt Raley is a full-time professional hunting a fishing guide. Located in Arbor Vitae Wisconsin.


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